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Claymore Time Sheets 1.0

No Image The Claymore Time Sheets system allows you to manage your employee`s time. Each hour can be accounted for and billed appropriately. The system ties in with the Claymore Card Filer to let you enter a specific client to be billed. The Time Sheets system includes all of the functionality of the Claymore Card Filer. Data can be imported and exported in a variety of different formats, and the database as a whole can be shared across a network.

QuickTimeSheets - Free Edition QuickTimeSheets Free Edition - easy timesheet application
QuickTimeSheets - Free Edition

QuickTimesheets - a timesheet application which enables the user(s) to simply and easily record time and costs for projects and tasks. Easy time recording for Programmers, Writers, Lawyers, Consultants and more. No training is required and extensive help available. Now contains easy-export functionality to pass data to Word Processors, Spreadsheets and more, plus portable versions to take your timesheets anywhere.

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Time Tool 2.01: Integrated punch clock, invoice generator, and time sheet generator
Time Tool 2.01

Combines a punch clock, invoice generator, and time sheet generator in one simple application. Track time billed to any number of clients and projects, and automatically create customizable reports, invoices, and time sheets. A relational database ties it all together, and all of the underlying data may be edited by the user, making it easy to fix missed punches. Invoices and time sheets may be printed and emailed directly from the program.

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CyberMatrix Timesheets Standard 5.00: An easy to use Windows-based multi-user time sheet entry software program.
CyberMatrix Timesheets Standard 5.00

time sheet entry. CyberMatrix Timesheets was designed to provide an effortless transition for those accustomed to the traditional paper-based time sheet entry. The time sheet entry screen looks like a standard time sheet entry form. Unlike traditional time sheets though, managers can validate and edit their employees time immediately from their own computers without having to pore over scores of time sheet reports. Timesheets features simple, intuitive

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Web TimeSheet 6.1

TimeSheet is the web-based time, expense, and billing solution. Differentiated by its ease-of-use, flexible configurations, and advanced automation and timesheet functionality. Simplify time keeping and time tracking for employee time sheets. Web Timesheet is the time clock software that provides organizations with real-time visibility into project profitability and workforce productivity. Deliver projects on-time and on-budget with our time tracking

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SureTime 0.9.25

Time can provide real-time multi-user client & project time tracking to eliminate manual time entry and provide billing assurance. Authenticates billable time for clients & employers to faciliate telecommuting and accurate on-site and off-site billing. SureTime includes enterprise level features, but with small business simplicity and affordability. Email or print invoices, time sheets, project reports, & more. Runs in real-time as a customizable

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CS Ledger 14.051: multiuser double entry accounting gl, ap, ar, inventory, time sheets, csv import
CS Ledger 14.051

multiuser, multi company, double entry accounting including gl, ap, ar, inventory, and time sheets. Easily handles 25+ users and millions of entries. Imports csv files for credit cards or other transactions. Features one_and_done technology of information entry for customer quotes/orders/acknowledgements/invoices; customer receipts/credits/discounts/returns; vendor rfq`s/orders/receiving/invoices; vendor payments/credits/discounts/returns.

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